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Night Terrors[/caption]Louisiana-raised author Larenda Roberts uncovers the dark side of romance in the south in Night Terrors

Thank you for your interest in Night Terrors. I grew up in south Louisiana, always intrigued by the way hot, humid weather and fierce gulf storms shaped our lives. I loved to drive along the old Mississippi River Road and visit the ruins of ancient plantations. I hope you enjoy reading story of Ana Claiborne’s sojourn in Louisiana as much as I enjoyed writing it.

~ Larenda

Night Terrors Cover

As hot and dreamy as steam rising from the rich south Louisiana delta country where it takes place,

Night Terrors is a story of conflict, sensuality, love, and violence.

When tragedy leaves Ana Claiborne with more responsibility than she ever asked for,
she must choose between two very different men and the chance to save an industry empire.

After eloping with the heir to the Claiborne Coffee fortune, Ana arrives from New York full of romantic expectations to begin a new life in Louisiana with her husband and his intimidating—and secretive—family. But Mark Claiborne is not as he seems, and the romance becomes as sinister and claustrophobic as the southern humidity.

With as many twists and turns as the Mississippi River Road, Night Terrors pulls the reader into Ana’s unforgettable saga and the courage she must summon to endure the tragedies and triumphs of her life.

With evocative cover art by Los Angeles-based artist Gayle Wheatley (GayleWheatley.com), Night Terrors is available exclusively for Amazon Kindle download at Amazon.com.

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Please note: 50% of all profits from Night Terrors go to the Right Choices Ministry in Kenya which teaches biblical-based morality to thousands of teens to combat the AIDS epidemic. Read about it here. Thanks for your support!

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