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To battle AIDS in Africa, missionary asks students to make Right Choices

LARENDA ROBERTS | For The Christian Chronicle 

Teaching prevention – Greg Clodfelter and some of the students he serves through the Right Choices ministry.
Combating the scourge of AIDS in Africa requires more than medical research and affordable drugs, says Greg Clodfelter.

It requires Right Choices.

“Prevention is not the cure — it’s the solution,” said Clodfelter, a missionary in Kenya since 1993.

Through his Right Choices ministry, he and a team of Kenyans — Monica Odera, George Kimaru and Leah Nyawera — have presented seminars to more than 25,000 students in public high schools.

Clodfelter, a member of the Queen’s View Church of Christ in Nyeri, formerly worked with the Made in the Streets ministry in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The Eastwood Church of Christ in El Paso, Texas, oversees Clodfelter’s work. The ministry seeks additional supporters.

“I call AIDS ‘horizontal genocide,’” Clodfelter said. “Everyone in high school knows of someone who died of AIDS and a girl who has dropped out of school due to pregnancy, relegating her to a life of endless poverty.

“If you’re obedient to the law of God, he will protect you.”

The team teaches Bible-based principles of morality — and isn’t afraid to tackle taboo subjects, including sex and abstinence.

David Roland, a church member in Farragut, Tenn., experienced this firsthand when he attended a Right Choices presentation at a high school during a mission trip to Kenya.

“I was amazed at how attentive these young people were,” Roland said. “They were, in turn, horrified, delighted, amazed and entertained by the rather frank nature of some of the material. In between giggling, with their faces buried in their hands, they were busy taking notes.”

Clodfelter and the Right Choices team also act as a sort of high school yearbook service for the schools they visit. Team members take photos of each attendee and give them as “a reminder of the day the church, God’s people, visited their school because we care,” Clodfelter said.

Team members also invite the students to attend youth activities with nearby churches.

“Greg is doing a wonderful job of providing salt and light in Kenya,” Roland said. “He has spent almost half of his life in Kenya … and intends to live the rest of his life in the ministry there.  

“He loves the people in Kenya.”


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NYERI, Kenya
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Clodfelter’s father and I were members of Commerce St.Cof C in our 56 high schools days..He hada wonderful Christian father. we had a great Christian group of friends and upbringing. My cousin’s daughter has worked in Kenya often with same church group…Billingsley

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